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About Us

The word Bodhi symbolizes wisdom, awareness and intelligence. In Buddhist tradition, Bodhi is revered for its ultimate knowledge, the tree under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. For us, Bodhi is a novel concept of bringing thoughtful and compassionate hospitality in the blissful Buddhist Circuit.

Backed by the professionals equipped with thorough knowledge and keen interest in Buddhist sector and its inherent heritage, Brand Bodhi aims to open up a chain of hotels in different Buddhist sites. The first branch of the hotel is intended to come up on the land of Bodhi tree – Bodhgaya. The epicenter of Buddhism, Bodhgaya is the most revered Buddhist pilgrimage. Dwelling around the Bodhi tree, under which wandering prince-ascetic Siddhartha became the Buddha or aware of ultimate knowledge. The serene surroundings of Bodhgaya inspire every traveler to contemplate in peace and explore the Buddha within them.

At present, the company is planning to construct a 3 star + resort featuring 100 luxury rooms, in-house restaurant, large conference hall for events and conventions, meditation hall, fitness club and spa facilities.