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Bodhgaya is a small holy town in the Central Bihar and is one of the most revered Buddhist sites in India. It is the place where Prince Siddhartha attained spiritual enlightenment and became Buddha – the awakened while he was meditating under a Banyan tree. That particular Banyan tree is now famous throughout the world as the Bodhi Tree.

Bodhgaya is also popular as a center of Buddhist learning. The following city guide will enrich the insights and knowledge about the holy land of Bodhi. Before embarking on a tour to the blissful Bodhgaya, kindly go through the city statistics to make the tour to Bodhgaya a spiritually enlightening experience.


Population              :    25, 585
Languages            :    Bhojpuri, Hindi and English
Best time to visit    :    Winters
STD Code               :    0631


The history of Bodhgaya can be traced back to the 7th century B.C. when Prince Siddhartha after renouncing his material pleasures and wandering as an ascetic chose this place for meditation. It was his strong will power that guided him through the enlightenment or Nirvana under the Bodhi tree. This site came into light when Mauryan ruler Ashoka enshrined this site into a temple in 3rd century B.C. which is now famous worldwide as Mahabodhi Temple. This is one of the most important sites of Buddhist Pilgrimage and a must visit site while your visit to Bodhgaya.


Located in the Central Bihar, this city belongs to the northeast India. A part of Ganges plains, this holy site is located just 13 km close to Gaya, another revered Hindu town. Bodhgaya experiences a tropical climate and the summers are unbearably hot.


Bodhgaya can best be visited during the Indian winters. Favourable months of visit are from October to February. During the summer season, the region experiences high temperatures pf 45-48°C. Preferably light cottons should be worn during the summers and light woolens during the winter season.

The time spent in Bodhgaya is surely going to be one of the spiritually enriching and uplifting experiences of life, since you will get an opportunity to come close to Buddhist ethos and understand the religion in depth under the venerable shade of Bodhi Tree. Presently, Bodhgaya serves to both tourists and pilgrims alike.

During Buddha Purnima, Bodhgaya reaches its apex when many tourists from the world over visit this place and celebrate the birth and enlightenment of Lord Buddha.

For visitors who are wondering How to Reach Bodhgaya in an easy and convenient way, just follow our advisory. Strategically located and famous worldwide, Bodhgaya is one of the most important tourist places of Bihar and the beginning of Indian Buddhist Circuit. Reaching Bodhgaya nowadays is very easy and one can arrive in this venerable city by the air, rail as well as the road network.

Bodhgaya by Air:

Gaya Airport is a public airport serving Gaya and Bodhgaya in Bihar. Also known as Bodhgaya Airport, this is the second busiest airport in the state after Patna. Most of the domestic and international footfall belongs to its strong Buddhist connections. Bodhgaya, 5 km away from this airport is the spiritual epicenter of Buddhism, where Buddha attained enlightenment after abstaining from princely life. The airport also hosts direct international flights operating mainly from SAARC nations including Myanmar, Burma, Sri Lanka, Japan, China, etc.

The operational flights of Air India connect Bodhgaya Airport to Delhi, Kolkata, Varanasi and Yangon in Myanmar. Druk Air of Bhutan connects this airport to Paro Airport in Bhutan*. Mihin Lanka Airlines* connect Sri Lanka directly to Bodhgaya. Myanmar Airways International also connects Yangon Airport* to this holy city. Thai Airways International Service connects this airport to Bangkok and Suvarna-bhumi Airport in Thailand.
* represents seasonal operation

Bodhgaya by Rail:

Reaching Bodhgaya is also conveniently possible by the Indian rail network. Being the major railhead, Bodhgaya is connected to all important Indian cities and destinations on rail route. The novel concept introduced by Indian railways is the annual Buddha train that carries the passengers to all the important Buddhist sites. This efficient rail service allows the travelers to reach Bodhgaya easily and conveniently.

Bodhgaya by Road:

Gaya is the closest road, located at a distance of 13 km from Bodhgaya. Located on the Grand Trunk Road, Gaya connects the important metro cities like New Delhi and Kolkata. The highway roads are well-maintained by the government and ensure an uninterrupted road travel and quick access to various other parts of the country.