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Corporate social responsibility

Contributing to Development of Buddhist Sector

The Bodhi is coming up with a noble cause of improving and upgrading the Buddhist Circuit of India. An extension of this thought will be to strengthen the Buddhist Circuit with improved infrastructure in tune with global standards.

1. Blending with Locals

Deeply committed to serve the community, The Bodhi will provide the local population an opportunity to represent Buddhist Circuit on a global platform. With this active involvement, this manpower will develop a sense of belonging towards the ancient Buddhist Heritage. This in turn will help the country to preserve its rich and venerable heritage for the future. This endeavor will also involve them towards the cause of developing the Buddhist Tourism and Hospitality into a niche industry with great returns

2. Close to nature

Owing to the Buddhist Circuit’s close proximity with nature, The Bodhi aims to preserve the natural heritage of these isolated regions. All the properties of The Bodhi will adhere to the standards of Eco-Friendly Tourist Resort, blending modern facilities and the ancient heritage together.